Day 34 Part 1: Concord, New Hampshire

We carried on through the rest of New Hampshire.  We headed into their capital city, Concord. The capitol building was very nice, as were the areas around it:

2015-07-11 11.54.43

2015-07-11 12.26.08

Like Vermont, it was a very green state. The nature was very similar, but something we noticed is it was very hard to stop and appreciate much of it. The lakeside land seemed to all be owned and occupied with houses, so rather than having lakeside lunch, we just pulled over at the side of the road after several failed attempts down dirt roads that claimed to be private streets in search of some scenery we were allowed to appreciate.

Does anyone know how having a private road even works? Do all the people who own the various houses on it own the road?

Check out the video:


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