Day 34 Part 2: Maine

We crossed into Maine in the afternoon:

2015-07-11 14.31.34

We were welcomed at the 7 Eleven with free slurpees by a very friendly member of staff who taught us how to do it as neither of us had had one before:

2015-07-11 14.56.04

We decided to get off the main road after that and ended up at a garage sale in the middle of nowhere. We met a very lovely man from Montana who had spent most of his adult life in Maine. He said he had chosen the Portland, Maine area from two other choices Albany or Boston. Having been to all 3 at the time of writing, we think he made the right call. He chatted to us extensively about the differences between the Midwest and the East Coast, which was extremely useful and he’d even been to where I’m from. We left with a few Star Trek paperbacks.


We spent the night in a suburb of Portland, Falmouth, which seems like a very lovely area, right on the ocean:

2015-07-11 16.25.24

Maine is known for lobster, but we were quite exhausted and decided to eat within walking distance of our hotel. We did have some pretty delicious lobster free Italian food:

2015-07-11 20.08.12

Bucatini scipollo

Check out the video of all this, plus two encounters with some local wildlife:


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