What We’re Doing Now

The original purpose of the blog was to document our journey across the US to find a new home. We have one now, Chandler, Arizona, which we picked as the most suitable place for us out of the entire lower 48 states.

We have decided to carry on blogging about our emigration experience after realizing how useful blogging was in helping us choose where to live. The process of writing about our experiences and having to watch all our videos again┬áduring the editing process was hugely important in helping us make the best choice. We think it is well worth carrying on and sharing our ongoing journey even if it’s no longer one of travel, as much as one of acclimatizing and getting to know our new home.

This entails us getting to know our new area, cataloging minor differences between the US and the UK and writing and filming things we just find fun or interesting like Lego and sci fi. We also got some kittens in October 2017, so the blog has taken on a distinctly kitten related feel since then.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in our ongoing story, please follow us on one of the many social media links to the right.

Jess and Chris xx