Day 33 Part 2: New Hampshire

Next we went on to New Hampshire, which has the rather extreme state motto of “Live free or die.” Their welcome sign was also unexpectedly bilingual:

2015-07-10 16.06.03

New Hampshire was instantly different from Vermont. Vermont is very touristy, though in a good way, while New Hampshire felt less well maintained in terms of the roads and houses and there wasn’t even a state welcome center. We stumbled into the local one for the city of Claremont and they basically told us we’d come in the wrong side of the state. That said, there was a lovely river and some art next to that city welcome center:

2015-07-10 16.25.352015-07-10 16.27.57

We spent the night in Newport, which felt expensive, but on the run down side for the price, especially after getting so spoiled in Vermont. That said, the staff of our motel were a very lovely family who made excellent blueberry muffins the next day and they did have an outdoor pool, which we very much enjoyed.

Check out the video:

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