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2015-07-06 11.25.43Hello! I am Jess. I’m 32 and come from Western Wisconsin. I love languages and have formally studied Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and teaching English as a Second Language. I have continued studying languages and am currently focusing on Polish, Catalan, Welsh and Norwegian on Duolingo, where I have also studied German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish. I also really love sci fi; Doctor Who is easily my favorite. I had been teaching ESL in England, but have changed gears now that we live in the US. I am a language professional, engaging in translation, editing, proofreading, language related recording and blogging.

I have always loved to travel and have lived in a few other places over the course of the last few years – Brazil, Spain, Australia and England. I really enjoyed being on the road, but am happy to live somewhere again after so much time spent being technically homeless.

Chris is a 37 year-old Systems Administrator (or in the US, systems engineer) from Slough and Brighton, England. He loves tech, Lego and sci-fi/action movies, especially Star Trek. He traveled quite a bit as a child, but up until last year, he hadn’t traveled as much as an adult. This is his first time living abroad. This journey beforehand was his belated gap year.


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