Floors, Cat Chess & The Lego Movie 2

The house is getting so so close. The last time we went it felt the most done it ever had by quite a long shot. It now has title floors in the rooms we chose tile (all but the bedrooms and closets). It is also painted on the outside and inside:

The roof tiles are also on and most of the cupboards have been put in. The only remaining items appeared to be plumbing related, carpet or major appliances, so we are really staring to think it will be soon.

Here is a video of the progress, plus a little bit of cat chess:

In addition to seeing the house, we saw Lego Movie 2 the same day. There was a single advanced screening at 2 PM yesterday in some Phoenix cinemas. This, for the record, is the second time either of us have used online ads to our advantage. We ended up going to this event due to a Facebook ad I saw last week. I do wish more movies had advanced screenings and that more Facebook ads were for things like this rather than many of the things they are for. This was actually useful because part of the reason we both liked the first Lego movie so much was due to seeing it with absolutely no spoilers. We didn’t know anything at all other than the title. We hadn’t seen as much as a poster. This made it a much better experience than many film experiences either of us had had in years. We aimed to go in with as few spoilers as possible for this one and a screening a few weeks early made it possible for Chris truly to go in with zero spoilers. I got a few spoilers, but not too many.

Given I don’t want to spoil it for any of you, I will just say we did enjoy it and it’s well worth seeing when it comes out February 8th if you enjoyed the first one.



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