Citizenship Test

Early last year, Chris applied for US citizenship. It is quite a long process, so he just only got to take the citizenship test today. 

I got UK citizenship while we were living in Britain as well and it was interesting to see how it varied. The basic requirement is for citizenship through marriage is to be married for 3 years and reside in the country for 3 years in both countries. This is where the similarities stopped though. The UK process involved taking a written multiple choice test. Chris actually had to be interviewed in person for his test. The UK test also changes in accordance with who is in government at the time. I took Labour’s test basically, but a few months later, the Tories changed the content entirely.

The US test, on the other hand, seemed pretty immutable other than some questions about who the current Senators and Representatives were. They actually all just changed this week, so Chris had to make sure to learn all the new people.

See how he did in the video:

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