Biosphere 2

A few weeks ago, we went to Biosphere 2. Many of you may remember it from the news in the early 90s when two teams of scientists were locked in. The first team lived in the dome for a full 2 years. In the mid-90s, the sphere shifted to being used to do ecological research and that is what they do today. For instance, they predicted the coral reef death that has been happened in the last 2 years ages ago based on being able to manipulate the ecosystems in the dome.

Today it contains a rain forest, an ocean that is 27 feet deep with water from the California coast, a coastal fog desert and a mangrove swamp like those in the Florida Keys.


rain forest

coastal fog desert

This was my first time driving on a road trip, so that was cool. We also got to see parts of the Sonoran desert we’d never seen before and I think we may have seen snow for the first time in several years on the Catalina mountains:

Here’s the video:



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