The Kittens at Week 12

After nearly a month with us, the kittens were both getting much more adventurous. In particular, Zosia is madly obsessed with getting into the office or bedroom. Sometimes she will even sit by the bedroom this time, door, meowing when she knows perfectly well no one is there. I think she likes it due to it being a bit forbidden, but also due to the bed being fun to climb. 

Kasia has learned her name. She usually looks up if you say it and sometimes even comes. We have been trying to train them to respond to their names with turkey, their only human food. The treats we got just weren’t anything like as effective as turkey and everything I have read seems to indicate that boneless turkey is fine for a cat in moderation. Cold turkey in particular is good because they can’t smell it from a distance, so you can use it in teaching by being able to get it to them more discreetly.

This week, both cats started looking more similar again as Kasia is catching up in terms of maturity with her face and her eyes losing their baby blue, but we can still tell them apart now as we know them better:

Here’s the video:

And here is something of a bonus video. It has nothing to do with cats, but it happened the sames week and was too short to warrant its own post. If you have been reading a while now, you may remember the tumbleweed Christmas tree that goes up in Chandler every year. We happened to be driving by when they were constructing it even though we are almost never over that way:

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