An Open Door House in Phoenix

Just before we got the kittens, we went on a mini road trip to the north of Phoenix to a part of the city we had never been to before. Part of this was released ages ago in the form of the Polish shop video. We also popped into a random open house we came across somewhat near there. It was run by something called Open Door. This company makes it that you can enter a house at any time and have a look without the need for realtors or appointments. This was a house that ended up being utterly not to our taste, so we probably wouldn’t have looked at it had we needed an appointment, but it was a nice system that let us know a bit more about what is out there in terms of available housing without any commitment or hassle.

This particular part of Phoenix is very hilly. One of the reasons we choose Chandler was its flatness for biking, but looking at this place, I can see advantages of flatness in terms of house building. This house was in a much more immediately mountainous part of the Valley, so the house had to make quite a lot of odd accommodation for this fact.

Here’s the video:

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