Doctor Who: Smile

Week two of series 10 was very satisfying. Frank Cottrell Boyce did a much better job this time than he did on his previous attempt at Doctor Who, In the Forest of the Night. Fortunately, this story hung together much, much better. It had both a bit of a fairy tale feel and a Classic Who feel, which was a nice combination. I liked the location and time period. I tend to quite like the episodes set far in the future and I like that they actually left Earth. I would like it if they went to alien worlds more often.

It was also a good touch to have Bill and the Doctor on their own for most of the episode. It really gave time to flesh out their own relationship and let us get to know her properly. She asked great questions. I am really liking her as a companion already.

This one didn’t scare me as much as last week’s, but the emoji bots were still great and the human bones in the fertilizer were properly chilling. I like that the last two threats were not actually evil monsters, but rather misunderstandings that needed resolving. I think in the current political climate, that is something good to be out there in popular media.

I am hoping the quality of the first two episodes will be indicative of the quality of the rest of the series as I have enjoyed them immensely.

On a closing note, I’d like to wish you all a happy St. George’s day!


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