Lego Valentine

I have a greatly reduced interest in Valentine’s day compared to most women. Marrying someone with another February birthday only increased this disinterest. Basically, our birthdays are within a week and a half of each other, so the idea of having a third celebration in the middle has always felt unnecessary. Having a nice birthday, a day that is personal to each individual, feels more special than having an extra special valentine’s day thrown in to the same time period.

As such, I was more than happy to go to the Lego store for their adult night build instead of to a ┬árestaurant or whatever it is normal coupled people do. It was short and sweet. It was also the first event we had been allowed to as we have no children and most Lego events or facilities other than stores (i.e. Legoland or Legoland Discovery Center) are only for a child with a guardian, not for a child alone or an adult alone. It turns out we were only able to go to Legoland Winsdor because we were accompanied by our friend Richard’s children. We actually have yet to go to the Legoland Discovery Center near us because we have no kids and adult nights are infrequent and a bit late for our schedule.

At any rate, we built some very nice roses:

Robots not included

Here’s the video:

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