Jess’s Birthday (and Temperature Gun)

So the next few blogs will be slightly behind compared to the events they pertain to. Our birthdays are both in mid-February and we decided to take a whole week and a day off, resulting in 12 consecutive days off from work. We did this in large part because other than major holidays, Chris had taken no time off other than going to Italy last summer since we moved to the US. In part, we didn’t do any video editing that week to keep it entirely free of anything even verging on work, but additionally, I also recently changed operating system.

As regular readers will know, we both use Linux rather than Windows or Mac OS. We both recently switched from Linux Mint to Fedora. Mostly this is a good thing, but Kdenlive, the video editor we use, does not work as well in Fedora. It just about works, but is extremely buggy and took some getting used to compared to the rest of it, which works very well for my purposes.

Other than taking a week plus off, our birthdays were fairly low key as we are still not interested in travel or going to restaurants. Chris also makes better pizza than pretty much anyone, so I was extremely happy to have that. Something we had which we weren’t even planning on ourselves though was a Birthday tree. This was, of course, just our Christmas tree. Basically, we didn’t take it down at the end of Christmas because we both had horrific colds that hung around for a good week and a half. It is a massive tree compared to anything we’ve had in the past, so taking it down felt like the sort of thing that would take a good afternoon, so we just haven’t got around to doing it yet, and eventually, it was repopulated with new presents:

I’m sure we will take it down eventually, but other than being a nice place to keep gifts, it also gives off the perfect amount of light to watch scarier tv shows or movies, where you can see, but it is properly low light. 🙂

At any rate, here is a very belated birthday video of my own birthday earlier this month.

Here’s the video:

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