Day 3: South Dakota and One of the World’s Weirdest Sculpture Parks

Windom, MN was extremely small and rural.¬†We didn’t really speak to anyone there since we had arrived so late the night before and left first thing in the morning. Fortunately on the way out of town the next day, we found a strawberry patch in Heron Lake, MN. We managed to chat to several very friendly locals and pick a fair amount of strawberries.



We carried on and finally reached South Dakota. Our first stop was Sioux Falls. The city was also fairly small despite being the largest in the state. The falls themselves were quite impressive:


Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls

We headed towards Mitchell, and on the way, ended up in what the owner said had been called one of the world’s weirdest sculpture parks. He was not wrong. He said it had been mentioned as such in news media, and I did find an article including it. He was a very quirky fellow, but very interesting and happy to chat (see video below).

The World's Weirdest Sculpture Park

The World’s Weirdest Sculpture Park

We did make it to Mitchell and we were in for a treat. Our hotel had smelly non-functioning air conditioning (it smelled of old socks). Normally this is a bad thing, but the lovely woman at the front desk upgraded us. It had never even occurred to me that Super 8’s had suites, but they do apparently. She gave us their jacuzzi room. It was probably bigger than our flat in Brighton and certainly more mordern and jacuzzi-laden. We also got a chance to do laundry, which isn’t the world’s most exciting topic, but kudos to the hotel for making it cheap and easy. We got it done for 4.25 USD and during the time it took us to eat breakfast and go for a swim.

Check out the video of the days events, including the one of the world’s most sincerely weird sculpture parks and its creator:

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