Day 4: More SD – Corn, God and Time

We got our first rainy day so far in Mitchell. We went to see the Corn Palace anyway. There isn’t a lot to it, but it is fairly unique (and full of corn related products and humour):

Corn Palace

Hanging out with Corn

Let There Be Corn

Let There Be Corn

There was a bible museum of sorts run by a very enthusiastic Romanian man. Apparently it used to be the doll museum I went to when I was around ten. The man’s daughter had loved the museum when he traveled there years ago and he was convinced to buy it when the previous owners halved the asking price. As a devout Christian with a strong interest in Israel, he decided to attempt to recreate Ancient Israel in a backroom in South Dakota. It was both extremely odd but somewhat impressive since he had done absolutely all of it on his own. He learned to paint to do the decorating, cleaned the cut price gravel of clay himself and so on.

After that, we continued west and Chris changed time zones in a car for the first time. With the UK only having one time zone and being an island, that was fairly unlikely in the past for him. Chris felt like we hardly got anywhere, but I think he’s still getting used to the insane distances here. We ended up spending the night in a town of about 600 called Kadoka because we were too tired to go any further. We got lucky with the limited local food choices (there was a steak house/bar thing, a restaurant closing within 30 minutes of our arrival, a subway and a pizza delivery). The pizza was actually very good. Kudos to Miss Jean of Kadoka.

Thanks, Miss Jean!

Thanks, Miss Jean!

Check out the video of the days events:

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