Day 2: Merrier Minnesota in Mankato

We spent the first half of the second day in Mankato, MN. Mankato is a pretty chilled out place, which was refreshing after the events of day 1. We went to their local museum, BECHS. We saw several items and structures from the town’s history, nearly all of which were newer than our Regency flat in England. Mankato felt very similar to where I grew up in size and composition. It’s probably a little too small and isolated for us to consider living in but everyone we met was very friendly and helpful. They were truly a breath of fresh air after the previous day. Thanks, Mankato!

Mankato by Car

It was extremely hot (97F I think), so we spent the rest of the day driving across Southern Minnesota furiously burning our fuel to stay cool. We saw so many windmills and it was very, very flat. We spent the night in the very small town of Windom, MN.

Check out a video of the various hiJenx that ensued:

PS – American data maybe be very expensive, but I am happy to be with Verizon. It has worked bloody well. It only cut out twice so far, once of which was in the very heart of the Badlands (post coming in a few days), which is honestly fair enough. We are posting this from the far side of South Dakota and the only reason we can do it is thanks to Verizon. The hotel net or any other source would take ages, but the video will go up in about two minutes thanks to Verizon’s truly superb network so far.



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