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So this may be a rather obvious thing to say, but Sony appear to make better products than Proscan, a television company we’d never heard of. In our rush to get things, we bought a tv a bit too hastily. It was 300 dollars on Amazon for a 40 inch Proscan. It didn’t connect well to our media set up and the audio was terrible. To correct this, we bought a Sony sound bar. It didn’t work that well with the sound bar, so we decided to send it back to Amazon and get a different tv, as the sound bar looked far less likely to be the problematic item.

2016-01-25 12.57.43We happened to get a killer deal on the sound bar, which is the other reason we preferred to return the telly to the bar. Watch the video to find out how we got such a great deal:

Being a very capitalistic country, there are nearly always sales on in the United States. There were naturally many television sales on at various shops. Wal-Mart was selling a much nicer 40 inch by Sony which we figured almost had to work well with their sound bar. Fortunately, it did, and we didn’t have to purchase a third television. This particular one was only 30 dollars more than the rubbish one, so it’s probably never worth going too off brand with this sort of thing. It is also much easier to return a tv to a shop than faff around having to ship something as large and awkward as a television back. I love Amazon, but I think we will be buying future tvs from local shops or doing much, much more research first.


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