Early Mornings and Card Cloning

Our first week in our new place was mostly quite good. We did lots of swimming and Chris got quite a nifty Macbook from his new job. We did lots of swimming and saw lots of really excellent sunrises and sunsets as we’ve decided to attempt to be morning people so we can do more of the swimming and seeing of sunrises. We also quite like the idea of the hours when we are most awake being ours. It’s been quite nice splitting the day up that way with longer mornings and shorter evenings.

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The one bad thing that happened the first week¬†was that one of Chris’s cards got cloned. Fortunately, this card, although it s a debit card in the UK, only works as a credit card in the US, so we didn’t lose any money permanently, but we do have to wait for the bank to refund us the money before we have it again. We are uncertain of who cloned it, but it was used in the Los Angeles area to the tune of about 300 dollars to someone who enjoys the Apple Store, parking and Burger King. We found out when attempting to return the crappy Proscan at the post office when Chris’s card was declined but my card on the same account was fine. He got to have a nice long chat with a woman at Lloyds international in the post office parking lot. I am hoping this isn’t too big of an issue in the future.¬†Readers, what are your experiences with card cloning? Is it especially common in the US? Due to the UK having chip and pin (I assume), I hadn’t heard of much of this sort of thing there as it’s harder to guess someone’s pin than it is to fake a signature that no one pays much attention to anyway.

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Here’s the video:

On the upside, Arizona has been as sunny as we hoped it would be. It’s not to say it never gets cloudy, but it’s normally not the whole sky and it is frequently fully cloud free. I also think Arizona basically doesn’t have a winter. To say Arizona has a mild winter may just be looking at it wrong. Everything is in bloom here. All the desert plans are flowering. I think this is basically Arizona’s spring. It just happens at a different time of year than in most of the country. Arizona skips winter altogether, has two summers that map onto spring and autumn elsewhere in the country and a super summer when most of the northern hemisphere is having just summer.

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