Happy Arrivals


2016-01-14 18.10.31

Chris’s server safely arrived from England, so that is good news, as we were both a bit worried about how to best get that to the US. As we mentioned previously, we had considered flying with it, but carrying it on sounded like a right pain, while checking it sounded quite nerve wracking as baggage handlers are more used to handling suitcases full of clothes than delicate computers. In the end, posting it was definitely the right call. It was a little more expensive, but the two postal services involved did a fine job and it arrived in full working condition.

Another safe arrival was our furniture. I didn’t film any of it because it didn’t occur to me. It was the first thing that really happened without Chris being around in several months as he’s started working again and filming is more likely to occur to him. That said, they were complete professionals and so far, I very much recommend Cort for furniture rental. We now have a sofa, a headboard and two office chairs, so our flat is nearing completion. The furniture is all very comfortable. Obviously, we tried it out in the shop and were expecting it to be, but having used it longer now, this was definitely the right decision. If anything, we might carry on and even take this rental business further in the future. There isn’t really a great deal to be gained by owning things like sofas. It just means every time you move, you have a big clunky thing to take with you. Rental means they not only bring it to you, they also take it away. It’s just part of the contract, so in 6 months, we can either decide to carry on leasing it or they will come and take it back.

2016-01-14 10.07.44

Here’s the video of the server arrival:

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