Holiday in Brighton, England: Part 2

We carried on seeing various friends in Brighton, which involved lot of eating out, coffees at cafes and drinks at the pub. Such a hardship.

As with Chris’s friend in Eastbourne, we had other friends who had left the immediate Brighton area and moved to a nearby city. We met two such friends in Lewes, which looks a lot like Americans think England looks I think, or at least it did to me back in the day when I saw it from the first time. For instance, it has a castle:


It also has a high street that has old mixed with modern. We went for some of the modern in the form of a nice Italian restaurant:


After a late lunch, we spent several hours in one of the few locally owned pubs in Brighton, the Evening Star (most pubs in England are owned by large breweries that control what the person who runs the pub can serve). We had some lovely local ciders with a friend of ours who still lives in the immediate area:


As we hadn’t had dinner plans and ate lunch late, we ended up doing something very common after an evening in the pub, which is going to a British kebab shop, ordering some very greasy kebabs and then watching some QI at our hotel as we’d missed regular access to Stephen Fry.


Here’s the video:

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