Holiday in Brighton, England: Part 1

After a lovely¬†Christmas¬†in Slough with Chris’s family, we headed toward Brighton, which is where we used to live. The traffic was quite intense, as is typical anywhere even remotely close to London. It took us nearly two and a half hours to travel 91 miles.

We needed to go a bit further than Brighton as Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) is Chris’s goddaughter’s birthday, so we went to a town a bit east of Brighton called Eastbourne. Chris’s oldest friend lives there, so we went to the party, saw his lovely little girl and then carried on to Brighton.

We went to the beach even though it was quite dark:

2015-12-26 18.59.17

After that, we went out for a proper British curry, our first since we left, since although we did have some good curries in the US, they weren’t British curries in the same way that Tex Mex isn’t the same as Mexican food, but they’re both quite good.
2015-12-26 20.05.19-1

Here’s the video:


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