A HiJenx Christmas

We have done all of our Christmases now. We did one in Wisconsin before we left with my parents, sister and brother-in-law, which was similar to part of what we did the other years we went to the US. We went out for a meal at a nice restaurant and then came back and did gifts.

For Christmas itself, we were in England. On Christmas Eve, we did a Polish Christmas Eve as Chris’s grandparents were Polish. This entails the breaking of opłatek, which are wafers, followed by an evening meal including things like white white (in our case, cod) and barszcz, which some people may be familiar with as borsch, though I wasn’t, so here’s a link.

After that, we attended midnght mass with Chris’s mum (at, you guessed it, midnight). Despite being up quite late, Chris drove into London to pick up his aunt and successfully drove on the left again.

Once everyone arrived, we did presents and had another meal, this time, an English roast, finishing with Christmas crackers, which are not crackers in the American sense, but rather this:


The crackers usually contain a joke, a prize and a hat:

2015-12-25 16.33.16

Much of the rest of the day was just chatting, relaxing, and naturally, watching the Doctor Who Christmas special (which was very sweet).

Here’s the video:


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