Selfie Stick!

We just got a Bluetooth selfie stick by CamKix. Here are the Amazon links:


It’s pretty light (4.6 ounces) and works well in this brief test. No more shoulder ache or jarring camera movements on YouTube. We used some of YouTube’s video processing software that smooths out camera shakes but it did have some odd visual effects so we’re hoping that’s a thing of the past.

Here is the unboxing and first use of the stick. It’s also my attempt at video editing. I matched the two tracks and switched between camera shots. Can’t tell if it’s good or annoying. If it’s any good, we’ll get another stick and do multi-camera videos.

4 thoughts on “Selfie Stick!

  1. Colleen Ciavola

    I have looked at and enjoyed all your posts. Hope to see you…I feel like I already know Chris.

    1. Jess

      Aw, I’m glad! It will be great to see you again. I am very sure we will be out your way soon, especially now that we can get car insurance. We were getting worried with all the SSN problems, but we are off to possibly buy a car this morning, so I think we will be heading out east very soon.

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