Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Chris went to his first ever baseball game on Thursday. I am fairly certain it was also his first American sporting event of any kind. It may well have also been my first full baseball game. I knew the rules more or less from P.E. and general knowledge living in the US for 24 years, but I’m not sure I’d ever sat down and watched a full game in person or even on television before.

For a first game, we got fantastic weather. It was sunny and warm, but not hot. We went fairly early, because I think that’s just what people do here. We had a look around the grounds and Chris bought his first baseball hat. They gave him a ball with purchase for some reason, which was useful, because Gorman Thomas, a former baseball player from the Milkwaukee Brewers, was there giving autographs.Post-Loggers' Game

The atmosphere was very friendly and local because the La Crosse Loggers are in a smaller, regional league. Once we found our seats, Chris even ended up making friends with the people next to us. I think his Englishness makes people want to talk to him, which was helpful, because the very kind man next to him was much better at explaining the rules of baseball than I was. I think by halfway through, he understood the bulk of the game and I learned some things too.

Chris had several sporting event related first, which can be seen in our video below, in addition to the outcome of our first game:

Anyway, tomorrow we will have some big news to post, so do come back! Thanks! x

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