I Promise to Drive Carefully, Ma’am

Chris still has no SSN, so one of our main concerns with getting on the road was not being able to get car insurance. We were very pleasantly surprised to find out we were wrong. Everything we’d googled about it made it look like you need a US license to get insurance, but we went to speak to my parents’ provider today and it turns out, that was not correct. It easily went the best of any encounter we’ve had with anyone trying to ask for something essential for our lives in the last 3 weeks.

We are able to use his UK license on the insurance for up to one year from his entry in the US, so we still have a good 11+ months in which to use it. This is great, as to get a Wisconsin license, he would need a SSN. It should be easy to get a US license once he gets the SSN. Apparently he can just exchange his UK one for a Wisconsin one, but given we have no idea how long that will be, that could have grounded us in Wisconsin for quite a while or caused us to have to massively re-evaluate our plans. Now we are planning to go buy a car tomorrow or the next day and get a move on in the very near future. Woo hoo!

Here is a video from right after visiting the insurance company:

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