Day 98: Dallas, Texas

2015-09-13 12.46.26

After a good night with our friend Robbi’s lovely parents in Lancaster, we headed back into Dallas during daylight hours. Dallas was a lovely city during the day as well, and just immense.
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Robbi sent us to her church in Uptown, which was lovely and huge, but like most American churches, closed unless during worship hours. We happened upon one of those fun little things that only happens once in the life of a car as well (Chris really likes documenting these);
2015-09-13 14.16.25

We headed toward a suburb called Plano that she had recommended.  was indeed very nice, and more than that, home to the best Mexican food we have had on the whole trip. To give this context to British readers, Mexican food is to the US what Indian food is to Britain. Taqueria Los Angeles was not only excellent, but very cheap as well at 1.50 UDS per taco. We also got to have some of that Mexican coke, which has sugar in it rather than the corn syrup most American coke is full of:

2015-09-13 14.57.12

I believe it may have been Mexican rather than tex-mex as it was cheese free, but I could be wrong, as though Mexican food is popular in all the US, there is definitely a lot more detail in the differences in the states closest to the Mexican border, whereas Wisconsin is quite far, so I just know if I like something or not.

I also decided to speak Spanish to the woman, since it was obviously more of her strong point than English to hear what she thought of the area. Have a look at the video for that an a taste of the North Dallas burbs:

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