Day 97: Abilene, Texas

We started off our day with one of the better breakfasts we’ve had on this trip, and not just due to it being entirely edible. The waffle maker made strawberry waffles in the shape of Texas:

2015-09-12 08.42.19

We had a long (unfilmed) chat with a woman who had lived in Abilene all her life who said it was expanding like crazy. Like in the rest of Texas, they were building new houses and creating new jobs.

Outside we had a bit of a less nice time, as these things kept trying to hop into our car. I’m not sure what they are, but when I had Chris back up to get away from them, they crunched. As usual, if anyone is more knowledge about American biodiversity than we are, do let us know what this is:
2015-09-12 10.18.37We headed off to see the Dr Seuss park that they have in Abilene. On the way, we were stopped by a common occurrence in the US in the warm months that Chris had yet to encounter, a parade.

I would imagine American parades must be very odd to people who haven’t grown up with them. Check out our photos and video to let us know what you think:

2015-09-12 10.51.17

A High School Marching Band

2015-09-12 11.00.51

Girls doing Baton

2015-09-12 10.59.15

Libertarians in a Truck

2015-09-12 11.17.03-1

Republicans in a Truck

We spoke to some locals at the parade. They told us that Abilene was very family friendly and very religious, having not one but three Christian universities. When we told them we’d come up from San Antonio, they thought it was a party town (which we didn’t really find it to be overall).

Here’s the video:

We did get to the park as well, and it was very sweet and well done. Do stop by if you’re in the area:

2015-09-12 11.13.28-1

The Lorax

2015-09-12 11.12.29

Yertle the Turtle

2015-09-12 11.11.23

The Grinch

2015-09-12 11.10.33

Green Eggs and Ham

Next we went back east a bit, heading toward Dallas. Chris had found the Dr Seuss park on roadsideamerica.com, and we tried a few more of its recommendations. They weren’t quite as impressive in Eastland, Texas, for instance Old Rip and this marker:

2015-09-12 12.50.15-1

Old Rip

2015-09-12 12.58.16

There were some interesting sights in other places though, this one on the road:

2015-09-12 13.19.13

And this on the wall of a women’s bathroom in a service station:

2015-09-12 13.09.08


We ended what had been quite a full day at our friend Robbi’s in Lancaster. She took us out to Dallas, where we got to have Texan steaks and I tried some Texan red wine, which was great. Have a look at the lovely city of Dallas at night:

2015-09-12 22.34.02 2015-09-12 19.59.52

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