Day 64: Raleigh, North Carolina

We finally made it to Raleigh, the largest city and capital of North Carolina. We took our friends’ son to the children’s museum there, Marbles. Chris was unfamiliar with the concept so I assume other British people may be as well. Most major American cities have what is sort of an educational indoor play area. It will attempt to teach children about some of the basics of life, for instance, this one had sections about personal finance, farming and electricity, but done in a way that all felt like fun and games to kids. This literally was just a giant game:

2015-08-10 10.11.10

By the way, does anyone know what this was:

2015-08-10 10.04.54

After that, we had some lunch. We both tried grits for the first time. I mainly mention this because even living in the US 25 years, I had never had them and many English people and tv programs seem to mention them when the south or an unknown food commons up. It honestly didn’t taste like much of anything. I must admit, I am way more into the biscuits, which to our British readers, according to Chris, are a bit like scones, but less sweet and you are allowed to put fried chicken in it instead of jam.

2015-08-10 12.26.25

Grits and Scrambled Eggs

Nearby was the international headquarters of one of the biggest Linux distributions. If you don’t know what Linux distributions are, the short answer is a series of related operating systems that people who don’t want to use the operating systems made by Apple or Microsoft use. The long answer is here. This one in particular is popular with businesses and doing quite well. It’s called Red Hat:

2015-08-10 13.03.12-2

Will build RPMs for food.

We chatted with the people at the front desk and they both said they really liked living in Raleigh. This was a relevant place to go because it’s a good possibility in terms of companies Chris could and possibly would like to work for in the future.

We also checked out their capitol:

2015-08-10 13.24.46-2 2015-08-10 13.27.48

2015-08-10 13.41.44-1


Check out the video:

On the way back to where we were staying, we saw a deer in the woods:

2015-08-10 15.23.18-2

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  1. Richard Stallman

    Please do not refer to GNU/Linux as Linux. Linux is just the kernel that would be unusable without the GNU tools. Please do not refer to free software as “open source” software. Please do not recommend distributions of Linux…erm I mean GNU/Linux, that force users to use non-free software. Instead recommend…ooo be right back I just found some hummus in my beard…I was wondering where that got to.

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