Days 61-62: Pittsboro & Siler City, North Carolina

We finally got going again. We started gently by spending the afternoon in the nearest town, Pittsboro. We had lunch in town, and once again, I had a really excellent mac and cheese. It has become wildly popular since I was away. It’s not to say it was ever unpopular, but it seems that most menus have an ‘adult’ version with a bit of some kind of bacon or ham and possibly some onions of bread crumbs. As a cheese junkie, I am having trouble saying no to this.

After lunch, we checked out the court house as it seemed to be the center of the town and the little boy we’ve been staying with told us he thought it was great.

2015-08-07 14.11.58

We didn’t take a lot of footage as we were out of the habit, but we did get a lovely tour.

Feeling a bit more in the swing of things, the next day, Siler City, which is about 20 miles away from Pittsboro.

The spaces in between things really surprised me here. I thought being so much older, there would be more things here, but the lengths of time with ‘nothing’ i.e. no towns or cities can be as great if not greater than in the Midwest or the West.

Siler City was a small, rural town:

2015-08-08 15.50.03-2 2015-08-08 15.52.48

It appeared to have a large Mexican population and we found ourselves in their local Mexican grocery:

2015-08-08 16.20.04

We picked up some chorizo, which turned out to be delicious, but very different from what we were used to. The Spanish also do a chorizo, but theirs is cured and more like pepperoni, while this one was raw. It cooked up very nicely though.

Here’s the video:

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