Day 65: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

We finally got our oil changed on one of our last days in North Carolina. It was a fairly painless process and I was able to do another Skype ESL lesson right from the dealership. Kudos to Verizon for the good signal.

Nearly as soon as that finished, we got the call from my mother that the green card had finally arrived (see previous post). Needless to say, we were somewhat distracted in anticipation and some nerves as we had exactly one day before we needed to leave due to the arrival of our friend’s mum from the UK that week. Knowing it was being overnighted from Wisconsin to North Carolina, we finally had a look at Chapel Hill proper. We’d been in the shopping area in between Chapel Hill and Durham several times during our 3 week stay in North Carolina, but never ventured into the city itself.

It is basically a university town, a very nice one, but none the less, that seemed to the only thing that was there.

That said, it was a beautiful, well kept campus and not too far from places like Raleigh with tech jobs, so living somewhere in between could be considered if Red Hat were to hire Chris and I could get a job at the uni.

2015-08-11 14.42.52

2015-08-11 13.39.42

2015-08-11 13.49.09-1


Do check out the video for more:

After Chapel Hill, we headed back toward Pittsboro. At the local Lowes grocery store, we were given free flowers, which is always nice:

2015-08-11 15.18.13

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