Days 47-60: A Break in the Woods of North Carolina

We stayed with Chris’s uni friend and his family in a large house in the middle of a forest:


We mainly caught up on video editing and watched Netflix :


We only briefly went into the surrounding towns, mainly to pick up food or do a bit of shopping. For instance, this is a place called Roost that does posh pizzas and has a lovely outdoor area that does music on the weekend:


We also went to the Carolina Brewery for dinner. They do a great mac and cheese and also have a really lovely outdoor space:

2015-07-25 18.56.44

Other than that, we caught up on blogging, shopping and sleep. We nearly forgot we had a car for about a week. Chris really enjoyed the break from driving. It took us a full six days to be motivated enough to leave the grounds on our own, and even then, we just went to Barnes and Noble to buy a Doctor Who comic (granted the B&N was 20 miles a way, so I suppose it did involve a small amount of real motivation).

We went to their lovely local fresh water beach, Jordan Lake, a few times (for instance, the time the iPhone went in):

2015-08-01 13.16.58 2015-08-01 13.23.48-2

No video to this post, simply because it was a break, so blog worthy things didn’t happen on a daily basis, and those that were truly interesting have been made into specials, some of which have been released and others will be along later.

For the next post we will be back to exploring cities and looking for somewhere to live 🙂




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