Day 35 Part 1: More Maine

The next day we saw a bit more of Maine on our way to Boston. We started out by trying to see the sea. As with New Hampshire, much seaside land has been bought up, but even though the only parking we found was private, a kind copper let us park for a few minutes to have a look around. It was a stunning area:

2015-07-12 09.29.58-2

2015-07-12 09.33.11


We had a proper look around Portland, Maine. It was a nice looking city on the water. We had trouble meeting anyone who actually lived there, but a plus was that it appeared to have free outdoor seating. That might sound like an odd thing to like, but we found in England that unless you were near a park or on the beach, it was hard to find somewhere you could sit and, say, have a sandwich for free. This was an area that had tables with umbrellas, so even if the weather had been a bit iffy, someone working in the area could still go outside and have an outdoor lunch without having to pay for food or drink to be allowed to use the facilities.

After that, we went through a few small towns and found ourselves at a Greek Orthodox Church at a festival they were throwing. Everyone we spoke to really loved living in Maine. Their church was also absolutely gorgeous:

2015-07-12 11.07.49

I did eat lobster in Maine by the way, but I am almost embarrassed to admit to where. Due to lack of time, I did decide to try McDonald’s New England only lobster roll. It was actually pretty good and definitely the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought at a McDonald’s at 7.99.

Here’s the video:


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