We’ve arrived in America!

Hello all!

We have finally properly begun our journey. We got up this morning in England at what would be midnight in our current time zone, so it’s been a long day. Other than being very tired though, I think it’s generally gone well. We got some seats with extra leg room on the flight, so even though we were next to a businessman who got drunk and kept falling asleep with his tray up and boxing us in a bit, it wasn’t too bad. The meal was a curry with cava, which was fab for flight food. We caught up on Game of Thrones and Elementary and had a nice chat with a friendly flight attendant who liked our plans so much that she brought us some champagne to celebrate.


Once we landed, we had quite the long wait, but we had expected that. We had a nice chat to a lovely French woman who lives in London and a Finnish guy who was in the US for a wedding, which was good considering it was about an hour wait just for the first part. Next, we were ushered over to the part most people pass leaving the airport, but rarely have to bother with. Fortunately, they got to work on Chris’s paperwork almost immediately. It was all very Papers, Please, but in the end he got approved. Apparently it will take a few months to get the actual green card, but the bit of paper in his passport has been upgraded from an entry visa to a temporary green card.

Since it’s Chicago, the ride took a while, but by the time we got into the city proper, the weather had improved (it was raining a bit when we first left the airport) and our hotel has a fantastic view! The hotel itself seems pretty fab so far too and has free wi fi, which is always appreciated. 2015-05-11 16.36.36 Room at the Congress Plaza Hotel Us in Chicago at the Congress Plaza Hotel


Anyway, very tired, so signing off now to clean up and go eat some kind of Chicago style pizza perhaps.

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