Chicago Style Pizza and Jet Lag

On our first night in the US, we managed to stay up till all of nine o’clock, but that was long enough to go to Lou Malnati’s and have a Chicago deep dish pizza. The pizza was indeed extremely deep and in an order I wasn’t expecting with tomato on top, sausage in the middle and cheese touching the dough. It was really delicious though (and we are both still full). It was also a really lovely sunny evening, which just about helped us stay awake long enough to get the bill.

Lou Malnati's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Of course, even after being awake for 21 hours, we still woke up at the crack of 4 AM. I actually wish we were staying in this hotel longer. The bed was amazing. It’s absolutely massive and caused me absolutely no back pain, which is rare for me in strange beds, especially after a long flight. The view is still quite nice at this time of night/early morning: Chicago at 4 AM


So at the moment, we are just hanging out at the lovely Congress Plaza Hotel doing various tech things, waiting for the sun to come up. I’m off to do my daily Duolingo now that I’ve figured out how to change my time zone for my daily streak.

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