Day 31 Part 1: New Jersey

After spending a little over a week in Media, we got back on the road. We started with New Jersey. Chris got to experience the New Jersey Turnpike as seen on the Sopranos. Check out the video:

Next we went into Newark, which was very hard to stop in, so we only spoke to a woman selling ice cream, and even then, English wasn’t her strong point, so we learned nothing. The city┬ádidn’t seem to be doing very well though from the look of it, so we were ok with that.

We attempted to find Satriale’s from the Sopranos, but it had been turned into a parking lot. We carried on into the burbs, which were much nicer and saw the house used as the family home in the Sopranos:


A big plus for New Jersey is it has the nation’s cheapest fuel:


They also have a state law that says they have to fill up for you, which was nice, if a bit odd.

Check out the video:


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