Day 31 Part 2: Poughkeepsie and Highland, New York

Next we headed into New York state. We decided to skip New York city because though I’m sure it’s great, we know we don’t want to replace living near one giant overcrowded city, i.e. London,¬†with another, especially as we had found both Chicago (third most populated city in the US) and Philadelphia (fifth) too big. NYC is the biggest city in the country and quite an expensive one, so we headed north to Poughkeepsie.

There were some nice little towns on the way, many of which ended in kill. Poughkeepsie itself was honestly pretty rough and rundown though. It also had almost no hotels, and they were all in odd locations. We really fancied going out and wanted something within walking distance, so we carried on across the river to Highland.

We found a motel within walking distance of quite a pleasant diner with really good food and excellent wi fi:

2015-07-08 20.36.47-1

2015-07-08 20.00.05 2015-07-08 20.11.19

We enjoyed our food and the ambiance and had a chat to a local woman sitting in the booth next to us. Check out the video:

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