The Pool Cover from Arizona Pool Covers

A few weeks ago, some fellows came round and started the pool cover installation. Yesterday, it was finally 95% completed and we now have a working cover!

The guys from Arizona Pool Covers were extremely professional and personable. They did a great job of answering all of our questions fully as well as completing the installation.

It was a bit overshadowed by the pool cover, but there was also significant progress on the outdoor kitchen. It’s been painted and 6 of the 8 items that go in it have been installed. The fridge, freezer, grill, side burner, trash bin and set of 3 drawers are in, but they still need to put a hole in for the single drawer and we need to contact the builder about our paper towel holder that had been on back-order about a month ago. The grill is connected, but appears to need a propane conversion kit.

The pool cover is in a similar state: mostly working, but it still needs a working sensor (the one they brought turned out to be bust) and the pool builder needs to finish the disappearing cover, which is more cosmetic, and therefore, not the domain of the pool cover company.

Here is the video:

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