Since we moved, we have hardly traveled at all. We went to the UK and Italy briefly in 2016 and San Francisco just before we got the cats.

For various reasons, we finally went back to Wisconsin and opted to go in its winter (yes, I know winter officially starts December 20/21, no, that doesn’t mean it’s not basically winter in Wisconsin in late November). We had not been anywhere cold during its cold season since 2015. As a result, we needed to do things like buy Chris trousers as he virtually only wears shorts in Arizona. He didn’t want to buy a pair for every day though, so he had the joy of shorts and a heavy coat:

We visited family and ate plenty of cheese:

We even managed to pop over to Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac because it’s about a mile down the road from the home where one of my aunts lives:

Here is a video of our adventures in the cold:

As a small note, American Airlines did a much better flight than Sun Country.

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