Pool Plumbing and Rebar

Massive apologies for the lateness of this update! A series of things happened that made it difficult to do as quickly as the others. Chris injured his knee and didn’t do quite as many videos for a few days, but more than that, I got a brand new work laptop. It took some effort to get everything set up and we ended up decided to switch back to Dropbox from Nextcloud, so all our video and photo syncing was a right mess during a period where Chris felt less than up to fixing it quickly because he had other problems.

The irrigation system also seems to have been broken during the build process, so that was a few hectic days trying to save our plants, realizing we mostly couldn’t and the pool builder saying he would sort it all out afterwards.

At any rate, we are back and there has definitely been progress! This video starts from footage from the 13th and ends with footage from today, August 21st.

On the 13th, the plumbers finally came after 2 weeks of monsoon related delays, only to tell us the trench for their plumbing was not, in fact, in the right place. Monster Pools sorted this out very quickly though. The bobcat was back within less than 24 hours. The crew of diggers filled in the old hole and made a new one within about an hour.

The plumbers were soon back and finished their part within a few days.

Plumbing for self clean system

Pool equipment

The rebar crew has been here for the last 3 days. The pool is slowly taking shape.

Rebar Day 1

Rebar Day 2

Rebar Day 3

Here is the video:

Thanks for watching and reading and we do intend to make updates more regular for the rest of the build. 🙂

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