Social Security, Maybe Part 2

Today, I mustered up the courage to look at my status on the USCIS (immigration) site.

I was pleasantly surprised at the case status moving from ACCEPTED to OPTIMIZED. Another part of the status had been set to Pending for the longest time and that has now changed to Processing.

We were initially disheartened by an unproductive meeting with an official who advised us to pay the processing fee again under a different user name. Though it’s normally a good idea to follow advise from officials, this sounded so wrong that I just had to confirm that this was wrong with the online part of their agency.

This communication seems to have turned a cog in the system. As a foreigner in this land, it would be wrong to criticize the machinations of its government, though if any of its citizens want to do this for me, feel free!

Here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “Social Security, Maybe Part 2

  1. Richard

    1. When dealing with state bureaucracies, I recommend reading the works of Franz Kafka to see how bad it can really get. Just be be thankful you haven’t woken up one day to find that you have been transformed into a giant insect: http://www.amazon.com/The-Metamorphosis-Franz-Kafka/dp/1557427666

    2. Do you prefer comments here or on the YouTube channel?

    3. I am disappointed your website does not have a “favicon.ico”. I cannot easily identity it amongst the multitude of Google Chrome tabs I have open at any one time. Please remedy this. I suggest a combination of the union flag and the stars and stripes.

  2. Chris Post author

    1. I’ll have to look at that. I was more thinking of the Doctor Who episode on Satellite 5 where the Editor asks ‘Who is he?’ and it responds ‘He is no one’. Moments after making this video, I realised that one of the numbers unique to my case had been truncated by two characters on my immigration site profile. Sigh.

    2. Either is good. If they are comments relating to the blog post text then they should be on the blog post.

    3. I’ve just thrown one together – both flags are quite fiddly and were hard draw in 16×16 pixels. In my haste to right this disappointment, I haven’t yet set the US part to Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue but this is on my list.

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