A Manic February

The last few weeks have been crazy. People say things like that all the time, but I really do feel like since we last posted anything, a fairly amazing amount of things have happened considered no travel was involved on our part. In the month of February, we had two sets of visitors, one planned (my parents) and one completely unexpected (a friend of Chris’s from England and another who is English but lives in North Carolina). I accidentally got another job. I am a freelancer, so I have a few jobs, but this one was big for two reasons. The hours are likely to be full time and it’s for one of my favorite companies ever, Duolingo. This new job started 2 days before my parents touched down in Phoenix. We also had our birthdays in this period and have given up alcohol, dessert and bad snacking (crisps, cheetos, etc) for most of Lent. We started a little late since Chris’s birthday often falls at the start of Lent. Either way, it has been a very intense month. As such, we didn’t film that much. I thought the best thing to do would be to release everything as one video as, in large part, because I am blogging for us as a sort of digital video album rather than a wider audience at this point. More than that, with as many jobs as I have at the moment, I can’t say I have a lot of extra time. Anyway, for anyone who may be interested, photos and videos of the last month:

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