The Kittens at 4 Months

The kittens have grown so much just in the last month. Looking back at photos of both of them from just a month ago, they look so much smaller. This is both of them right after Christmas: 

Whereas this photo is from a few days ago:

They are both about 3 times the weight they were when we got them on October 25th. Zosia, in particular, seems very strong and muscular. Kasia is strong and fast too, but a bit fluffier. Kasia is as bold as ever and still really likes to sit on Chris:

They have grown in curiosity. As Christmas is over, our many heat activated air sprayers have come in handy. They have kept them off the bulk of the Lego, including my Lego Hogwarts and Chris’s Lego city, while still letting the cats hang out in places they like that are otherwise fine. For instance, they really love the office window overlooking the pool an some trees. They can also just about perch on the desk chairs:

We have learned a bit more about their tastes in food. Zosia like some salad, in particular, spinach and Trader Joe’s microgreens, which I was not expecting. Kasia, less surprisingly, adores yogurt. Zosia likes it too, but Kasia goes completely nuts for it. They still both wake out of a sound slumber at the scent of cold turkey.

On a totally un-kitten related food note, Chris managed to successfully make a Chicago style Lou Malnati’s clone:

January has also been an ace month for sunsets and sunrises:

Here’s the video:

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