Day 15 Part 2: En Dansk Vindmølle i Iowa

After Omaha, we headed back into Iowa. In the same way that Kansas is mostly a wheat field, Iowa is mostly a corn field. There was a lot of nothing for a while. We stopped int a small town called Elk Horn with a Danish windmill just to do something other than look at corn. I tried some of my Duolingo Danish out on the woman at the desk because Chris wanted to see what would happen. I wasn’t surprised with the result though. Most Americans that are X American (Danish American, Italian American, Korean American, etc) don’t actually speak the language of that place any more unless they are second, maybe third, generation or unusually motivated. That said, it was a lovely windmill. Alle elsker vindmøller:

2015-06-22 16.47.15

Check out the video:

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