The Kittens at Week 11

In our third week with the kittens, they both seemed very comfortable. Their comfort led them to want to go exploring more, which led to further cat proofing. So many people we’ve talked to seemed to think cat proofing was impossible, but I don’t think this people think as far out of the box as Chris does. Whenever they got into the bedroom, it was stressful because they wanted to go running under the king bed, far out of reach in the middle. Chris just filled the bed’s underside with foam. Problem solved. There is nowhere to run under the bed now, so they don’t do it any more and it is much easier for them to be managed in the bedroom.

We decided to grow some cat grass as that was recommended as a way of dealing with hair balls. It grew surprisingly well indoors. They have had a bit, but we haven’t seen any hairballs or much eating of grass. We will just have to wait and see if that was a useful purchase.

We have found ourselves returning a few things as not all advice on cats ending up being true of ours. In particular, they like to share. We were told to definitely get everyone their own food and water bow by several people. We did this, but they would just try eating out of the same bowl that was too small, so we got the biggest bowls that Petsmart sell so they can more easily share. This was also true of bedding. They would just try to share little beds, even awkwardly with one hanging half out, so we bought them one big dog bed that was big enough for both. I don’t know if they will always want to share, but it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing to discourage. Cats are often treated like selfish loners in terms of the advice, but I think genes might trump that. It may just be that humans split siblings up often enough not to see that familial bonds may make them want to share and be together.

Fortunately, they also want to be with us. This week Zosia was much more comfortable. The first week she barely had human contact. The second week she would sit near, but not on us. This week, she seemed very happy and comfortable with all three of her roommates: 

She also started meowing this week, mainly if she wanted something. I’m still not sure if we’ve heard Kasia meow, but Zosia is definitely being more talkative.

Here is the video:

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