The Memorials at the Arizona State Capitol

The US has two public holidays pertaining to celebration of military service. The first one in the year, Memorial Day, honors those who have died fighting for the US. It falls on the last Monday in May. The other one is Veterans Day, which is on the same day as the UK’s Remembrance Day on November 11. The meanings are slightly different though, as Veterans Day is to celebrate all veterans, whether they died in war or not, while Memorial Day is for those who have died fighting for their country. Remembrance Day in Britain seemed to me that it mainly had the meaning of Memorial Day in the US in that it mainly focused on those who died fighting for Britain.

At any rate, we happened to recently go see several memorials as there is a park in front of the Arizona State Capitol building that is packed with them. Some honored individuals: Some honored groups: 

They even honored fallen police dogs: Naturally, there were a fair number of cactuses hanging about as well:

Here’s the video:

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