Doctor Who: Oxygen

This was a particularly intense episode of Doctor Who. I do need to watch it again as I was admittedly a little bit distracted as we have both my parents and Chris’s parents all here at the same time, so it’s been a bit of a busy week.

My initial feeling is that this is another great episode for series 10 though. We are back in space, but it’s not quite the sunny, hopeful world of the emojis, but rather a bleak place where capitalism and oxygen have met and every breath costs. I think Bill is starting to get a real feel for how harrowing the universe can be.

This had much in common with Star Trek: First Contact, which I am all for as it’s one of my and Chris’s favorite movies of all time. It even started with “Space: The Final Frontier.” It never occurred to me that I very much wanted to hear the Doctor say this at some point, but now that he has, I’m very happy about this. The crewmen as zombies also echoed the Borg on the Enterprise more than any other type of zombie.

This was another episode that was properly scary. Bill going out into the vacuum of space with no helmet in particular was very well done. It was creepy, scary and awful, which is probably exactly what it would be like to experience such a thing.

I liked that the monsters were the suits and the corporations. It was all just a big evil plan light years away that no one on the station had anything to do with actively. I read that Steven Moffat told Jamie Mathieson that the object of the story should be ‘to make space dangerous again’. Being mostly alone in space with no oxygen with the parties responsible being that far away and caring that little about the lives of the crew was genuinely very scary and definitely felt dangerous. Mission accomplished, Mr. Mathieson.

I am intrigued by the consequence of the Doctor remaining blind. I am dying to see where this is going.


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