Doctor Who: The Pilot

As regular readers will know, Chris and I are both big Doctor Who fans. Last year, we did a full rewatch of the new series and I reviewed them all. I’ll be reviewing this year’s as they come out.

Steven Moffat has really outdone himself in doing what felt like a reboot for his last year with the show. It was a very good one at that. The monster was properly scary. Even Chris jumped at a few points. Bill was very likable and markedly different from the previous companion, Clara. She is off to a good start. She fortunately appears to be a better actress than the entire cast of Class combined. Matt Lucas was hilarious. His expressions alone made him worth having on board. Peter Capaldi was as fantastic as always. I very much like that we have a team on board now. I have really liked the previous series that had more than one companion on board at at time. It makes for a more interesting dynamic.

Something that was surprisingly good was the use of the Daleks. I am pretty sure the BBC requires every series of Doctor Who to use them at least once. This was genuinely a clever way of using them briefly. I also very much liked that unlike nearly all other companion introductions, Bill got two alien planets in her first episode, while most companions have had to wait until episode 2 to get one.

I’m very keen to know why the Doctor has been a professor for 70 years and why he doesn’t feel he can stray too far for too long. I am also wondering if we’re going to get the return of Susan this year as her picture was very prominently displayed next to River’s.

As a note, should anyone comment, I will likely be the only one reading them. Chris is extremely anti-spoiler. I don’t much like them either, but he avoids all trailers and spoilers of any kind. He managed to not know who the companion was until yesterday. 🙂


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