Minor Differences and Major Similarities: Becoming Christophe with Cox Communications

So we are generally very happy with our internet provider, Cox. We have heard plenty of horror stories from the eastern half of the country where Comcast is more common. From what our neighbors have told us, the other option available in the Phoenix area, CenturyLink, is pretty awful as well. If anything, Cox were even reasonable enough that they were willing to give us the new customer discount all over again if we switched the account from my name to Chris’s. We didn’t even have an interruption to our service.

One old problem did come back to haunt Chris though. Some older, frankly crap, systems can only take a first name of up to 10 letters. Christopher has 11. This renders him a bit more French than he’d really like to be. We actually have yet to resolve the problem. Check out how ridiculous things are at the moment in the video below:

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