Christmastime in Arizona

December is the coldest month in Arizona, so the Christmas season hasn’t quite been like being in the Southern Hemisphere during the Christmas period. That said, other than São Paulo, Brazil, this is the warmest place I’ve been during the month of December. The lows have generally been colder than I’d prefer, but my relatives in Wisconsin would probably consider a warmish day in December (high 30s, low 40s) and the highs have been like spring and fall in the Midwest and a bit like summer in England (mostly 60s and low 70s with a high in the 50s once in  while).

That mix of weather results in the area around us looking like a combination of spring and fall, with the balance being more in favor of spring. Many flowering plants and bushes are back in bloom, but the northern trees that have been brought down here are losing their leaves. The local plants i.e. saguaro, palo verde, etc, are green and haven’t lost anything, but are not currently in blossom.

Although we’ve mainly seen Christmas decorations that are clearly taken from northern traditions, we have seen a few local takes on it. Chandler puts together a tumbleweed Christmas tree in the center of town every year for instance:

They also do palm trees up in Christmas lights:

We haven’t seen any cactuses with lights, but I assume that gets a bit too prickly for your average person to want to tangle with.

Here is the video of our Christmas season experiences in Chandler:


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