Minor Differences: Unexpectedly, High Fructose Corn Syrup Part 2

So we thought we’d done a good job of cutting out all the HFCS, as we talked about in the previous post. Unfortunately, this was not entirely true. We get grocery delivery orders from Safeway every week or two. I used their website nutritional information extensively to find products not containing HFCS. I actually specifically mentioned a brand of potato buns that claimed not to contain HFCS on Safeway’s website in the previous post. Below is a screen capture of said claim. If you have a look at the product details, it specifically says there is no HFCS and it is not listed in the ingredients:


We had eaten these a few times and happened to notice when the item arrived in a recent delivery that it does, in fact, contain the HFCS despite the website stating the exact opposite:


We called up Safeway’s customer service. The woman we spoke to on the phone sounded genuinely surprised when she saw the e-mailed photo. She told us not to trust what we read when Chris asked her if we could trust the Safeway website to tell us what we were buying. We were then told that it might be an advertising ‘misprint’ or the fault of IT.

Chris asked them to follow up with us and they did. A few days later, a man called asking us to e-mail him the various photos above as well, saying it was to be taken to corporate to sort it out. We shall see what happens and if there will be a part three.



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